Stobswell Forum AGM Meeting
held in Boomerang Hall on Tuesday 23rd March, 2010 at 7pm

1) Welcome

Carol welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.

Carol Bailey - Feedback from 'Celebrate Stobswell'

Carol gave a powerpoint presentation of the feedback received from local people at
the 'Celebrate Stobswell' event.

The feedback was mostly positive with people saying Stobswell was a nice place to
live - but let's keep it that way. Stobswell is a thriving community with great
community spirit and lots of local history. Local people like the variety of shops,
good schools, play parks and the great bus service.

When asked what could be better, local people said better maintenance of closes
and street cleaning. The provision of public toilets and more indoor activities for
children would make Stobswell a better place to live.

How do you see Stobswell in the future - more permanent shops with better parking
facilities, a community you feel safe in with more police on the streets and lots of
things going on for families.

2) Treasurers Report

Very little had been spent over this year and there was 1,598.93 in the account.

3) Chairperson Report

Carol gave a report on the activities of the forum over the last year and the
improvements made to the area over the life of the forum.

The incoming committee will consider environmental enhancements and want to see
graffiti removed. The Forum will also try to ensure that people are not isolated but
involved in local activities that enhance their health & wellbeing. Over the coming
year the day-to-day issues that impact on people's lives some bullet points will be
central like;

"    parking and transport;
"    littering and dumping rubbish
"    promoting activities for young people.

4) Election of Committee Members

Stuart asked for a show of hands of people eligible to vote. Making reference to the
constitution the Forum is looking for 11 committee members with 4 office bearer's
positions. Stuart then conducted the vote and asked for nominations.

The meeting agreed that because of the tied vote for eleventh place both individuals
should be elected. This would give a committee of twelve.
Committee members
Ina Brown, Arlene Easson, Hans Rolfsnes, Sharon Smart, Carol Bailey, Chris Hind,
Shahneela Arshrad, Valerie Beveridge, Helen Hedges, Janet Crank, Betty Wood
and Irene Morrison were elected as committee members. The meeting then went on
to elect the following office bearers;

"    Chris Hind as Chairperson
"    Ina Brown as Vice-chairperson
"    Sharon Smart as Secretary
"    Hans Rolfsnes as Treasurer.

The meeting then broke for refreshments and informal discussions.


The first meeting of the new committee will be held on Tuesday 20th April 2010 at
7pm in the Boomerang Hall.