Stobswell Forum AGM Meeting
held in Boomerang Hall on  26 March, 2013

Around 25 residents and local Councillors attended the meeting. Residents were requested to put forward suggestions for local priorities for the area. The following issues were raised:

  • A 'spring clean' wasting/fixed bins (Park Avenue/Baldovan/Morgan Street)

  • Youth Disorder - Baffin Street/Watson Street

  • Pavements (outside Morgan/Forfar Road) (Princes Street/Albert Street junction)

  • Regeneration of the area between Glebelands Primary and Springhill

  • Pavements in general (priority list) walkabout

  • Ponds area lighting (being discussed at the next Friends of Swannie Ponds)

  • Neighbourhood watch type activity in the Clepington Road area (an potentially elsewhere)

  • Traffic movement through the area.

  • Albert Street Shops (immediate and longer term issues)

  • Re-align traffic movements at Arbroath Road/Albert Street junction.

  • More social activities/more members for the forum.

  • 'Wild area' Lammerton Terrace/Mains Loan

  • More Partnership working with other groups.

  • Walkabouts to focus on more than the physical.

  • Ensure existing regeneration is maintained to a standard.

  • Bus services in the area (particularly in the evening).

  • Street Shop (when will action be taken)

These issues will be considered by the incoming committee to form part of the 2013-14 local plan.

The meeting also elected a new committee for the next year