Tuesday 25th March 2014 


Jim Sturrock            David MacDougall          Margaret Miller      Katie Miles
Phyllis Devlin          Celeste Robinson           Alan Maich            Betty Wood
Art Sangster           Cllr Ken Lynn                 Cllr Craig Melville    Ina Brown
Stuart Fairweather   Hayley Tunstall             Sharon Smart        Claire Ramsay
Jacqui Stewart

Carol Bailey             Cllr Georgia Cruickshank                        Janet Brown

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as correct.

Matters Arising

Chairpersons Report

Update action plan.  A gate has been installed in Baffin Street and fly tipping has now stopped.

There was a walkabout with the Pensioners Forum to look at repairs needed to pavements.

Neighbourhood Watch area has been set up in the Clepington Road area.  Thanks to Claire for her help and providing grant for signage. 

Received costs for lighting at Swannie Ponds.  Prices are high but could be done in 3 stages.  This will be discussed further with Friends Of group.  Will look at possible funding sources. 

Traffic alignment - roads sorted at Arbroath Road/Albert Street.

Hanging baskets went up again this year.

Vacant shop on Princes Street has been refurbished and ready for new tenants.

The Facebook page has been launched, and forum already have website.  Sharon thanked the rest of committee. 

Treasurers Report

Thanks to Arthur Gartey - free of charge.  Gave breakdown of income and expenditure.

Break for tea and cake

Claire Ramsay, Community Safety Worker

Works alongside other wardens. She introduced Art as new senior in the area.
They provide personal safety talks in sheltered housing, raising awareness of bogus callers, etc. and also do school talks alongside 2 daytime wardens, community safety partnership workers and others.   They are based in Lochee Hub alongside the Anti Social Behaviour Team. 

A new role has been doing 1:1 visits to victims of crime.   When there is a spate of break-ins they will leaflet the area and speak to people.

New information leaflets have been produced to remind people to report anything causing fear or alarm.

Youth annoyance calls have fallen over the past year.  Only a couple of issues with motorbikes in Baxer Park.

There will be 3 new community police officers for Maryfield and they will attend any future Stobswell Forum meetings. 

90 rapid response calls were received relating to fly tripping from period Jan - March.

They showed different safety equipment and explained use.


Councillor Lynn expressed concerns over the low attendance.

Jim from Fortes is looking at model of Broughty Ferry and Lochee at Christmas time.  Would like to have another tree in grounds of church.  Would like more lights and decorations.  Other traders would like to contribute to the costs.  He would also like to work alongside Stuart Fairweather to establish a Traders Forum.  Cllr Lynn suggested the Regeneration Forum could perhaps fund a tree and lights.  David McDougal suggested forming a traders association.

It was suggested highlighting the history of Stobswell

Increase use of Arthurstone library.

Kemback Street asset transfer.  Councillor Lynn explained that voluntary sector organisations were interested in the building.

A community column in the Tele would be a positive development.

Dundee Healthy Living Initiative would like to see more healthy activities in the area - an event that brings all groups together.

A local resident raised the issue of dog fouling in the area, especially Park Avenue.  Cllr Melville said new signs have gone up and will try and increase availability of dog poo bags.

Wild area on Lammerton Terrace - Betty asked what is happening.  A trust involving 22 people own ground in question.  Many owners of this land don't live locally anymore.  Need a quorum of 7/8 people out of 22 to agree what can happen.


Need at least 5 people for quorum.

Betty nominated Sharon, seconded David.   Sharon accepted.
David nominated Allan, seconded Betty.  Alan declined nomination.
Cllr Lynn nominated Ina Brown.  Ina declined nomination.
Sharon nominated Betty, seconded Margaret
Jim nominated David, seconded Betty
Sharon nominated Carol, seconded Jim.  Sharon will ask Carol.
Jim was nominated by Betty, seconded by Sharon.

Betty. David, Sharon, Carol and Jim were elected to the committee.  The AGM agreed to allow the committee to elect the office bearers for the forthcoming year