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Sharon Smart (Chair)
Bill Jordan (Vice Chair)
Natalie Hush (Secretary)
Alan Maich (Treasurer)
Stuart Fairweather (Communities Officer)
Betty Wood
Michael McInally
Irene Watson
June Ward
Carol Bailey

Sharon welcomed all members to the first committee meeting of 2013. For the benefit of new members, introductions were made by all present.

No apologies as all members were in attendance

Co-opting new members
Sharon referred to recent correspondence sent out regarding Carol Bailey's interest in being considered for co-opting onto Stobswell Forum. Carol was nominated by SS and seconded by BW and members unanimously welcomed Carol Bailey to the committee.

'House Keeping' / Forum Members Roles

Chairing Meetings
SS proposed to members that each meeting would last 1- 1.5 hours and proposed agendas would be sent out in advance of each meeting. SS advised she would like all comments regarding topics to be addressed to the Chair to enable effective discussion and time management of topics on the Agenda.
The committee were in agreement to these proposals.

SS advised the committee that throughout the year various activities and meeting require representation and input from Stobswell Forum members, therefore encouraged the committee to volunteer in assisting with as many activities/ issues as possible with the understanding of varying commitments for each member, and keep the committee updated with progress via SS or NH, who will then forward on to the committee in full.

Communications (Website/ Facebook / Notice boards/ Mailing List)

Stobswell Forum website: Discussion was started by SS on the current website for the Forum, and it was agreed the information currently on here was out of date.
AM confirmed he had spoken with a friend, SR who advised he would be happy to update the website with more up-to-date information.  Minutes from previous meetings and the AGM as well as other updates, are required. AM will confirm if SR can continue to do this throughout the year.  It was noted that AGM minutes were yet to be agreed and confirmed, but SS reminded members this would be agreed shortly at point 5 of tonight's agenda. Action: AM/SR

Notice boards: These will continue to be updated with information by Stuart Fairweather, Communities Officer and Hayley Tunstall, Community Regeneration Worker.  Action: SF/HT
A discussion was held in regard to the content and it was noted and proposed that a list of local groups and activities in the nearby area for the community may prove helpful, as well as information on specific event.
It was proposed that future meetings should be open to the public to observe as well as attend open meeting for more discussion of any issues they wish to raise and be part of. This proposal was agreed by committee to be actioned and relevant information of dates will be posted on said notice boards, and also in the Library, with copies of previous Minutes for community viewing.

Facebook: A discussion on the creation of a Forum page was held and each member gave their view on advantages as well as possible negatives of the creation and upkeep of said page for community/ broader viewing.
It was proposed that a page be created and trialed for one year with a view to monitor and review thereafter. A vote was held with 8 for and 1 against.
NH agreed to draft a relative page, to be reviewed by committee at next months meeting. Action: NH

Mailing List: It was agreed SS and Stuart Fairweather would update the list due to recent emails being returned. Currently around 100 contacts are held for the mailing list. It was agreed correspondence would be send out to the current list and feedback would be requested on preferred method of contact as well as mailing content, with a view to reducing the need to spend money on postage unnecessarily.
It was agreed SS would contact the Courier/ Telegraph to request a regular post whereby the community would be notified of upcoming meetings/ AGM. Action: SS/SF

Dates of Future Meetings (Paper issued)
It was noted that historically meetings have been held on a Tuesday. SS referred members to the two drafts. Discussion was held and it was noted that Draft 2 (Wednesdays) seemed to be most favourable to the majority but some members could not fully commit to dates at present. Action: SS
It was agreed members would email SS to confirm individuals preferred dates and then SS would confirm dates and venues at next months meeting.  Action: ALL/ SS
MMcI advised that if Draft 2 was to be agreed he would be unable to attend from 11 September onwards due to prior commitments. 
As previously raised in agenda point 3. it was agreed by the committee that meetings in general would become open to the public and therefore 'Open Meetings' will now be called Forums and will be advertised on notice boards along with Committee Meetings to encourage the public to come along and listen.

Minutes of Previous Minutes (AGM - 26 March 2013) / Plan for the year
Minutes from AGM held on 26 March 2013 were agreed by the committee however it was noted that there were 2 typos. AM agreed to correct these errors and then forward on a copy to Scott Robertson for upload to the website, as previously agreed in point 3(iii) of the Agenda. Action: AM/SR

Each issue/ activity raised by the community and members at this year's AGM was discussed with reference to the list kindly printed by Stuart Fairweather. Lead roles were assigned to various members who volunteered to assist in achieving a successful outcome for each point raised, as well as any current progress or action to be taken. Action: SF/NH
Due to the lengthy content of all points, it was agreed a working spreadsheet on the Plan for the Year with the ability to add updates to following each meeting would be helpful.
(See attached Stobswell Forum Plan for 2013 for comments/ progress).

Working with Others
For the purposes of new members, the committee was advised of remits for each Forum/ Committee.

Maryfield Community Planning Partnership
JW agreed to attend next meeting on 14 May and will confirm if she will accept the position of Stobswell Forum Rep at our next meeting. Action: JW

Maryfield Regeneration Forum (applications)
SS advised members the proposed application for funding of the planting and maintenance of hanging baskets will be submitted to the MRF once costs have been quoted as discussed in the Action Plan
Action: SS/HT

Access Forum  
CB agreed to attend next meeting (AGM) on 22 May and report back at the next meeting. Issues raised on Action Plan will be forwarded at AGM. Action: CB

Agenda for future meeting (Paper issued)
SS referred members to the proposed standing agenda. It was agreed following the agreement on a working Action Plan to be produced and updated regularly, that point 4. Events/Activities/ Action Plan for the Year - would be split into two separate points of 'Events/ Activities' and 'Action Plan for the Year'. Action: SS/NH
The standing agenda will now therefore consist of eight main topics instead of the original seven.

Stuart Fairweather advised the committee of the proposed 'Celebration in the Park 2013' which is planned to be held on 3 August at Baxter Park. An organising meeting is scheduled for 12 April at 4.30pm at Arthurstone Library. IW agreed to attend on behalf of Stobswell Forum. Action: IW

The committee was advised of Vered Hopkins and also Steve Main, from NHS Tayside,  noting their interest to attend a Forum meeting to discuss licensing legislation and proposals. It was agreed that Stuart Fairweather would invite the guests along to the next open meeting. Action: SF

It was agreed by committee that the venue for future open meetings would be held in Arthurstone Library. AM agreed to update the website with this information and the date was agreed as Wednesday 12 June. Action: AM

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 8 May, 7.00pm at Arthurstone Community Library.
09 APRIL 2013 19:00