Wednesday 9th April 2014


Sharon Smart (Chairperson)
David MacDougall
Betty Wood
Stuart Fairweather - Communities Officer


Carol Bailey
Jim Sturrock   

2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

A draft of the minute was tabled by Stuart.  A number of minor amendments were made.  The minute will be formally agreed at the next AGM.

In view of the small numbers attending it was agreed to carry on with the agenda but ensure any decision taken would only be provisional, subject to the agreement of a fully quorate meeting.

2.1 Election of Office Bearers

Sharon was nominated as chairperson by Betty Wood and seconded by David.  Sharon accepted nomination and was elected (subject to agreement of a quorate meeting).

David and Betty declined to take on an office bearers role in view of other commitments.

It was noted that Sharon, Alan Maich and Natalie Hush are signatories for the bank account.

Sharon will maintain the accounts in the interim.  The group however needs to find a treasurer.  Stuart agreed to assist with the secretarial duties.

2.2 Increasing Attendance/Involvement of Members

Sharon agreed to follow up with Carol Bailey, Natalie Hush and speak to Alan Maich about the bank account. - Action - Sharon

Stuart agreed to follow up with June Ward. - Action - Stuart

The group agreed that invites would go out to all local organisations for the Forum's meeting on June 11th.  It was hoped that new committee members could be drawn from the attendance at the June forum.  It was understood however that "other commitments" was likely to be an issue. - Action - ALL


The circulated survey relating to overprovision was noted.  It was agreed to publicise this through facebook and return to it at the next meeting (response was required by 23rd May).

Information on changes to bus routes had been circulated.  This was discussed in relation to the action plan.

4. Forum Representation on Other Groups

"    Maryfield Community Planning Partnership.  David agreed to attend. - Action - David

"    Local Access Forum.  Sharon will speak to Carol about this.  (David expressed an interest in being involved if required). - Action - Sharon

"    Website/Facebook Maintenance.  Sharon will co-ordinate this.  Scott Roberts will continue to look after the website for an annual cost of 50. This was agreed. - Action - Sharon

"    Noticeboard Maintenance.  Stuart and Hayley will take this on for the time being. - Action - Stuart/Hayley

"    Links with Traders.  Jim is looking to establish an association with the assistance of David. - Action - Jim/David

5. Events/Activities

The Morgan school fete on April 26th was noted.  The Forum agreed to publicise.

6. Action Plan

The committee agreed a provisional action plan for 2014/15 (see attached).  This will be returned on a regular basis.

7. Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 14th May 7pm in Park Centre, Baxter Park (to be confirmed).