15 August 2013 19:00


Sharon Smart (Chair)

Natalie Hush (Secretary)

Stuart Fairweather (Communities Officer)

Georgia Crookshank (Councillor)

Michael McInally

Irene Watson

June Ward

Carol Bailey

1.    Welcome/Apologies

Sharon welcomed all members to tonight's August Meeting

Apologies received from BJ (Vice Chair), BW and AM ( Treasurer)

2.    Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of July's meeting have been circulated and the following corrections noted:
Removal of Bill's personal email address
Removal of 'Note' made on draft by admin for purposes of confirmation of correct details added.
Minutes were approved by JW and seconded by SS.

3.   Correspondence

Licensing Board Applications
SS advised an application for variation in hours was being made by Victoria Bar, near Dens Park; To have under 18 years old allowed to enter the premises 2 hours before a local football game and 1 hour after. The Forum discussed thoughts on this, including concerns for under 18's being in a alcohol based environment but also the positives such as encouraging a more 'family friendly' atmosphere.
CB Suggested contacting Football clubs to suggest opening up hospitality.

Councillor Crookshank advised that the Licensing Board to have Objectives used to consider such applications and agreed to source a copy of the Forum Members to view. SS agreed to contact Stuart Galloway for further information and pass on to members who in turn can respond with thoughts on this once further detail is received.
Action SS/ALL

The Forum was also advised that the application for an off licence at the old Blockbuster premises on Albert Street, should go to the Licensing Committee on 22 August.
JW updated members on discussions held at the recent MCPP regarding this application. It was noted there were quite a few objections/ concerns, including some from the D&A team.
The group was also advised that people can attend this meeting if prior contact is made to the Board. All members advised they were unable to attend due to other commitments.
SS will contact those unavailable tonight to see if they wish to attend. Action - SS

Capacity Building Questionnaire
SS handed out copies of this questionnaire to the group and advised it would be best completed with combined answers through discussion in the Forum. - Action ALL
It was agreed due to the time this would take to discuss fully, that 30 minutes would be set aside at Novembers Meeting for completion of this.
Members were encouraged to take a copy away to look at questions posed and consider views for discussion at the November meeting.

4.  Reps Progress Updates

(i)    Maryfield Community Planning Partnership
JW updated the group on discussions held as noted below:

-Lengthy discussion held on alcohol/ health partnership, including previous advised concerns on Blockbuster applications. A new Focusing on Alcohol Worker funded by the Big Lotto is due to begin.

- Arthurstone Library building plans are due to commence in the Spring.

-Baxter Park 150th Anniversary discussed and organisers are looking for the public to get in touch with any memories of times in Baxter Park. The planned procession of local groups estimates 280 participants. The main event will be on Saturday 15 September, however on the 9th September a small planting ceremony will take place to commemorate the actual date of anniversary. Please contact Irene Shearer (01382 862022) for any more details or input you could offer.

-Welfare Reform was discussed and members were encouraged to assist seeking suggestions on ways to assist families more with issues they are facing due to changes.

- Green Open Spaces initiative was discussed and known issues were reported back to planning officer.

- Works at Swannie Ponds are still ongoing in tackling the weed issue.

-The  Woodside bus service incontinuity was highlighted to be investigated further.

-Dave Lindsay, Planning Officer provided updates on progress to the City and Quayside developments. The old Olympia site is due to be demolished in Spring of next year. The Malmaison Hotel should be open by November. Works will be done in City Square on 24 Aug.
Reps were also advised that a 2 lane approach would be created northbound on Albert Street(turning right)

Local Police advised of input from dedicated Strathclyde taskforce. Assistance has been given in dealing with prostitution and also house break ins.

Bruce Farquarhson for Tayside Fire Service provided a detailed report on incidents and calls taken and plans to provide updated copies at future meetings, for comparison.

(ii)    Local Access Forum- 20 MPH zones
The next meeting is planned for Monday 19 August.
CB advised there had been 2 accidents brought to the Forums attention, involving cyclists being knocked off their bikes by cars. CB queried if the Stobswells Forum would be interested in supporting further '20's Plenty' areas in nearby residential streets. It was agreed that members would firstly like to see proposed target areas and also agreed that it would be useful to create a poll/ question on Facebook asking residents how safe they feel whilst out on their bicycle. Action - SS/AM

(iii)    Website Maintenance
Changes have been made to the website and payment will be sent to Scott for said works as agreed by members. SS will ask AM to forward on standing agenda, mintues, action plan and facebook link and will request Scott's email address to make it easier to pass on future updates.

(iv)    Facebook Maintenance
Interest in the page is continuing to slowly increase, hopefully following Celebration in the Park promotion. It was noted that June and July's minutes need to be added for viewing.

(v)    Notice Boards Maintenance
It was agreed that Octobers meeting and a flyer for the 150th Anniversary of Baxter Park will be added to the boards, as well as removal of the Celebration in the Park flyer.

(vi)Mailing List
Work is still ongoing with updates to this

5. Events/ Activities

SS advised the group that 40.50 was raised from the 'Guess the Sweets in the Jar' competition at Celebration in the Park. JW was thanked by the group for her donation of this prize and SS advised that in turn, the winner of the prize works for Alzeihmers Scotland and is redonating it to the organisation. Action - ALL

It was suggested the the Fire Service be invited as guest speaker for Octobers Open Meeting regarding fire safety, fly tipping and other related issues affecting the area.

6. Action Plan for 2013

See attached Stobswell Forum Plan for 2013 (AUG) for comments/ progress
Action SF


MMcI advised that he will be resigning from the Forum as of tonight, due to him moving home outwith the Stobswell Area. SS and the Forum thanked MMcI for his involvement and input to the Forum and wished him well with his move.

It was noted that some residents in Aurthurstone are struggling to cope with noise and nuisance issues linked to the Action for Children Unit nearby. SF agreed to contact the organisation to request assistance with this issue delevoping.
Issues raised regarding Youth disturbance in the Lidls area, including the stripping of bark from trees. SF agreed to forward this to the Police.

8. Date of Next Meeting
Wednesday 11 September, 7.00PM at Arthurstone Community Library