08 MAY 2013 19:00

Sharon Smart (Chair)
Bill Jordon (Vice Chair)
Natalie Hush (Secretary)
Alan Maich (Treasurer)
Stuart Fairweather (Communities Officer)
Betty Wood
Irene Watson
June Ward
Carol Bailey

1.    Welcome/Apologies
Sharon welcomed all members to this evenings meeting.
Apologies noted from Michael McInally.
All other members were in attendance.

2.    Minutes of Previous Meeting
It was noted adjustments had been made to correct typos in draft issued by email. Final Minutes approved by AM, seconded by CB

3.    Correspondence
JW received the Neighbourhood Watch application form.
It was agreed progress in regard to this would be discussed at Agenda item no.6 (Action Plan 2013/14)

4.    Reps Progress Update

(i)    Maryfield Community Planning Partnership
JW confirmed she would attend the Community Planning Partnership which she had now received information on.
It was agreed JW would take copies of the Stobswell Forum Action Plan for 2013/14 as hand out to inform CPP of the forums current concerns we hope to address.  Action JW

(ii)    Local Access Forum
It was noted that the current Chairperson had now stepped down from their position and the Vice chairperson has now taken on the role as Chair.
Recent discussed issues related heavily to the V&A Waterfront Project.
Traffic concerns in connection with the project were discussed.
It was noted that the plan is to persuade east moving traffic to travel via the Kingsway as the staggered traffic light outlay at the Waterfront will slow traffic down to efforts to assist the pedestrianised plans for the area.
It was also highlighted that various events are being organised such as off road biking and horse riding, in hope of encouraging less use of vehicles in the area.
MMcI advised he attended the recent V&A community focus group.
It was relayed that both local and international events will be held although there will be focus on ensuring this does not mimic and detract from events held at McManus Galleries.
Most events held will be free of charge although some revenue will be created from paid tours and classes which are also planned for some areas of the building.

(iii)    Website Maintenance
AM confirmed that Scott Robertson is happy to continue which updating the Forum's website.
Members were advised that the 'home page' has been tidied up; with up to date information and a map of the area to be added.  Action SR/AM
The events page has been updated and it was agreed previous events should be archived for the community to view if they wish to see previous successes.   Action SR/AM
March 2013 AGM minutes and April 2014 minutes will also be added. Action SR/AM
NH agreed to add a link for the website, on the proposed Facebook Page  Action NH
AM will ask for link to the FB page to be added to the website.  Action AM/SR
SS requested for AM to pass on the committees thanks to Scott, for all of his continued help. A Action M
(iv)    Facebook Maintenance
NH showed members a proposed outlay of the community Facebook page and positive feedback was received from all members. Action NH
However due to the amount of content and settings to look at, it was agreed members would be added by NH onto the page. Action NH
Members can then have a better look at their leisure and raise any queries or suggestions, with the aim to get the page published on, or before next month's Forum meeting.  Action ALL/ NH
AM suggested a media release to promote the upcoming Forum meeting.
It was agreed meeting details would be promoted in the community notice boards as well as in Arthurstone Community Library.  Action SF/HT
SS agreed to enquire about costings for local media advertising.  Action SS
It was agreed SF and NH would ensure facilities were available at next months meeting to promote the new Facebook page.  Action SF/NH

(v)    Notice boards Maintenance
SF advised the committee that himself and Hayley Tunstall had attended all notice boards in use and removed out of date information.
Several members commented on the noted visual improvement in passing some of the boards, commenting that information seemed clearer and more organised.
On inspection of the board outside Glebelands Primary, an ongoing issue with condensation was noted; causing obstruction and deterioration of information. Some suggestions were made by members on possible solutions to avoid replacement.
SF agreed to look at resolving this and will report back at next months meeting.  Action SF
SF also agreed (as previously mentioned) that an advertisement to promote the Forum Meeting in June will be added.  S Action F

(vi)    Mailing List
SS and SF advised the mailing list is still to be updated.  SS/SF
An option on how members of mailing list would prefer to be contacted in the future will be requested in the next mail out. SS/SF
It was agreed that a 'Facebook' badge would be added to the headed mail sent out in effort to promote the soon-to-be-live Facebook page. Action SS/SF

5.    Events/ Activities
IW confirmed she would be attending the 'Celebration in the Park' organising meeting on 16 May, to find out further information as well as discuss assistance and involvement the Stobswell Forum will provide.   IW Action
SS advised in previous years the committee has taken responsibility of hiring and selling tickets for the Carnival Rides; of which proceeds are normally given to the Events committee.
Following discussion it was agreed that IW would take forward the suggestion of Stobswell Forum continuing as previous years in taking responsibility of providing and selling tickets for said rides however this year, perhaps split proceeds equally between each committee. Action  IW
AM queried the status of the funding application for these carnival rides. SS advised this was still to be approved by councillors.
SS then highlighted the need for the committee to brainstorm ideas for use of the Stobswell Forum stall allocated in the event.
IM suggested a 'Beat the Goalie' competition. BW suggested a Cycle route race.  Action ALL
Ideas will be taken to the meeting by IW, in regard to health and safety practicalities.
JW suggested the classic 'sweeties in the jar' guessing game for some fun and easy extra fundraising at the stall. Action JW

6.    Action Plan for 2103
Please see attached Stobswell Forum Action Plan for 2013 (MAY 13) for updated comments/ progress.

7.    AOCB
SS confirmed future meetings for 2013 will be held on Wednesdays. Action SS
IW advised she may not be able to attend June/July meetings due to prior commitment.
BW advised he cannot attend the meeting in July.
SS to send out final copy of 2013/14 meeting date, venue and times.

8.    DONM
Wednesday 12 June, 7.00PM at Arthurstone Community Library