Wednesday 14th May 2014


Sharon Smart (Chairperson)
Natalie Hush
Betty Wood
David MacDougall
Jim Sturrock
Chris Hind
Bill Jordan
Sarah Breaham
Carol Bailey

Stuart Fairweather - Communities Officer



Sharon welcomed every one to the meeting and thanked people for their attendance.


Chris Hind, Bill Jordan, Natalie Hush, Sarah Breaham were all co-opted to the committee.  (Nominated by Sharon, seconded by Betty)

Sharon Smart confirmed as Chair
Sharon Smart nominated Bill Jordan seconded by Betty Wood
Sharon Smart and Dave McDougall, Natalie Hush nominated for treasurer.  This was agreed.  Natalie also agreed to act as secretary.

Sharon has heard back from June Ward.  She is unable to be on the committee but welcomes being kept in touch.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Sharon proposed the previous minutes, seconded by David.

Agreed by the group.


28th May.  Consultation about Halley Mills at the Park Centre.

"Walk in Our Shoes" survey of the local area's streets.
Discussion with City Council.
"    Albert Street
"    Dura Street
"    Princes Street

Reports From Representatives of other Groups
Maryfield Local Community Planning Partnership

"    Kemback Street
      Melrose Terrace site
      Transport Museum
      Tram Depot
are all buildings along with Arthurstone, that require attention/development.

"    Action of plan for Stobswell Forum to be forwarded to the Local Community Planning Partnership.

"    Neil Cooney - Dundee BID.  0.6% levy from City Centre businesses idea for local traders.  (Jim Sturrock - a local traders group, draft consultation.  Possible bid.)

"    Commonwealth Games - traffic disruption.

"    MUGA - Baxter Park - by the end of the year.

"    Police figures for City Centre will be separated from Stobswell where possible.

"    The group agreed to pay particular attention to Kemback Street.

Access Forum AGM (Carol Bailey)

-    New office bearer elected at AGM
-    City Centre to University cycle hub
-    City Centre boulevards now being put into place
-    Traffic planned to go round Kingsway

Carol to continue to attend.

Website Maintenance

Scott Robertson will continue to do this for 50.  Agreed.


Natalie/Sharon/Sarah to take this forward.  Sarah to be made an administrator.


Stuart and Hayley will continue to look after these for now.

Update lists

Letters and e-mails.  A major take .  Stobswell Forum asked to work with clerical staff to progress this.

Action Plan

Spring Clean
Robertson Street/Arbroath Road - foliage done.
Forfar Road looking better
Arbroath Road - park sign if possible
Morgan/Alzheimers - dog fouling signage
Neighbourhood Watch - dog fouling signage
Park Avenue - dog foulding issue (use of signage)


follow up. See above.

Hanging Baskets

Regeneration Forum have agreed half the costs.  It was agreed to progress with this and explore a possible fundraiser.

Community Events

Quiz nights (Betty has contact)
Beatle Drive
Furniture may be needed for Arthurstone at some point.

Bus Services

Letters to Phil Smith to be followed up.  Issue remains with  9/10 or 11/12 - Arbroath Road/Broughty Ferry. Things appear less controversial at Woodside.

June 11th/Meeting

Stuart and Sharon to liaise about the date 
Facebook/Courier and the Whats On colums DCC to be used.

Christmas Lights/Decorations (Jim)

Jim will give an update at the July meeting.  Dave will speak to the City Council's lighting section.

Other Action

Planned health activity at Stobswell Church (cooking classes) and the walking groups at Baxter Park were noted.  It was agreed that the Forum would continue to promote these but remove from action plan.  The action relating to the green area at Mains Terrace would likewise be removed for the time being.  The issues of lighting at Swannie Ponds would be left with the Friends of group. 

A new action would be added relating to development of the site at Baffin Street and the surrounding area (work to date has had a limited impact).

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 11th June 7pm in Arthurstone Library (to be confirmed).