13 NOVEMBER 2013 19:00


Sharon Smart (Chair)
Natalie Hush (Secretary)
Stuart Fairweather (Communities Officer)
June Ward


Irene Watson
Carol Bailey
Bill Jordan
Alan Maich
Betty Wood

1.    Welcome/Apologies

Sharon welcomed members to tonight's November Meeting. It was noted the Forum was not quorate for this months meeting however members present were happy to remain and discuss recent topics/ issues, in preparation for Decembers Open Meeting.

Apologies received from BJ (Vice Chair), and AM ( Treasurer)

2.    Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of October's meeting have been circulated to all members via email and will be approved/ corrected at December's meeting.

3.    Correspondence

Licensing Board Applications
SS advised an applications are currently submitted for License extensions and it is expected that many other pubs, clubs and hybrids will follow. SF advised that Licensing guidelines are currently a subject of focus and these recent applications may offer an opportunity to clarify recent concerns regarding guidelines used for the approval of applications for new licenses/ licensing extensions. SS will forward applications to Forum members for viewing. - Action - SS

Neighbourhood Watch
JW advised that insurance for Public Liability of the newly formed Neighbourhood Watch group has now been organised.

4.    Reps Progress Updates

i.    Maryfield Community Planning Partnership
SF provided the following updates on discussions held as noted below:
-Rodger Grace, Engineer for City Development provided a presentation on the Waterfront City Quay plans and progress so far.
-Vered Hopkins, Alcohol & Drug Team also provided an update presentation on issues of focus currently such as Alcohol overprovision.
- Minutes of this meeting will be forwarded by SF. - Action - SF

ii.    Local Access Forum- 20 MPH zones
Update unavailable. NH agreed however to ensure a question is posted to the Facebook page, to gauge local interest in the '20's Plenty' application to residential areas in the community. - Action - NH

iii.    Website Maintenance
Changes have been made to the website including a scrolling news bar at the top of the page, a Facebook link, and all previous minutes/ Action plan updates from 2013.

iv.    Facebook Maintenance
As already discussed, question is to be added regarding local speed limits, as well as add links to Minutes of meetings. Interest in the page is continuing to increase. Link from website will now offer easy connection for those interested in keeping in touch . - Action -NH

v.    Notice Boards Maintenance
SF advised notice boards are currently up to date and SF will add a notice for December's Open meeting also. - Action - SF

vi.    Mailing List
Work is continually ongoing with updates. - Action - SF/SS

5.    Events/ Activities

SS advised, as discussed at Octobers meeting, that Officers from the Police are due to attend December's Open Meeting to further discuss current plans for the Closure of local police counter service at Maryfield Station, as well as Bruce Farquarson, from Fire Service has been invited as guest speaker regarding fire safety, fly tipping and other related issues affecting the area.

SF advised of the Christmas Tree Light Switch on planned for 27 November at 5.30pm.

6.    Action Plan for 2013

Stobswell Forum Plan for 2013 (OCT) for comments/ progress. This was not discussed at this evenings meeting due to low attendance. Last updated based on October's meeting.

7.    AOCB

NH advised of personal plans to travel overseas beginning at the start of January, until mid April and therefore advised the Forum of being unavailable to attend meetings after December but noted interest in continuing to stay involved in the Facebook page as well as return to meetings following return to Scotland.

Clean Close Company, the Social Enterprise company set up with the support of Stobswell Forum over 8 years ago has advised of its plans to reshuffle its Board Of Directors and  will be holding a meeting to discuss the companies continuing development and growth.  SS will forward details to Forum members and confirm any members interesting in attending - Action - SS

Capacity Building Questionnaire
SF handed out copies of this questionnaire and discussed thoughts to responses with member's present. Note taken of comments made and will be available again to discuss at December's meeting. - Action - SF

8.    Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 11 December, 7.00PM at Arthurstone Community Library