Stobswell Forum Exec Committee Meeting
Boomerang Hall

Chris Hind - Chairperson    CH
Sharon Smart - Secretary    SS
Ina Brown - Vice-chair    IB
Hans Rolfsnes - Treasurer    HR
Carol Bailey    CB
Irene Morrison    IM
Janet Crank    JC
Betty Wood    BW
Hayley Tunstall - Community Worker    HT
Stuart Fairweather - Communities Officer    SF

APOLOGIES: Valerie Beveridge, Arline Easson


Chris welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new committee and asked everyone to introduce themselves.


Minutes agreed.  Nominated by CB and seconded by HR.


Web designer came back with a quote for 5,200 and is now revising costs. Carol suggested web design shop on Albert Street. Sharon also has contact details of a web designer. It was agreed Hayley would get quotes from both.  Action: Hayley

Hans met with Travel Active to look at places to put in cycle racks. Sites have been identified. Will get back to Hans with costs etc.  Action: Hans

Ina gave an overview of the History of the Forum. Planning for real event - 1999
Inaugural meeting - March 2002 - adopted constitution Achievements
     Campaign to keep the Arthurstone Library open in the first year
     New recycling points in the area
     Shop front facade enhancements
     Housing & Streetscape improvements
     Baxter Park regeneration
     New notice boards & hanging baskets
     Set up Landlords Forum & Clean Close company Boomerang a big asset to the area as there is no community centre. What would you like to see done in the area?
Hans would like to see Albert Street a pedestrian area with less traffic and better cycle paths. He would also like to see a cycling proficiency area in either Baxter Park or Swannie Ponds; similar to one he has seen working in Glasgow.

Sharon would like to see the area clean of graffiti.

Ina would like the Forum to target the peripheral areas of Stobswell i.e. Dundonald Street.

Irene raised issues of young people running riot and causing damage in the Janefield Place area so would like to see more police & community safety wardens on the streets.
Betty raised the issue of people drinking and being disruptive in the play park on Arbroath Road and would like the area free of dog walkers.

Carol would like to see less dog mess in Baxter park and more dog wardens patrolling the park early morning. She would also like to see the Landlords Forum re-established to deal with problems like common repairs.

Janet agreed with Carol as her close and back garden areas are in a mess. She would also like to see businesses doing well with less vacant shops in the area.

Chris would like to see better community spirit. He would like BBQ's put into Baxter Park to encourage better use of the park.

It was agreed to invite the local police to the next exec meeting to discuss the issues Irene & Betty raised. Carol will pass on contact details to Sharon. Action: Carol & Sharon


Bonnie Dundee did a clean up in the Dens Metal Works area.

Gave apologies for the last Civic Forum meeting as it clashes with these meetings.
Clean Close Company progressing well and continuing with more contracts. Still looking for different premises. About to start a pilot scheme of recycling carpets and an electric powered vehicle. No progress being made on the graffiti removal and no report from Alex. Sharon will raise this with Alex for an update. Action: Sharon

Has not been attending LCPP due to other commitments.

Access Forum AGM next week. Ruth was elected to represent the Forum.


Sharon was nominated by Chris and is happy to continue. Carol will replace Stuart Shepherd if he doesn't want to continue. Meetings are last Thursday in the month 12-2pm.

Local Community Planning Partnership
Irene showed interest in attending these meetings and it was agreed that she would represent the forum.
Next meeting is on 18th May at 7pm - All meetings are Open meetings.

Civic Forum
It was agreed that Ina and Chris continue to represent the forum.

Access Forum
It was agreed that Ruth would still represent the Forum on this group.

Events Group
Betty is interested in joining this group. Next meeting is 27th April at 7pm in Boomerang Hall.

Bonnie Dundee
Chris is happy to stay on this group as no-one else wanted to be on it. Chris will find out why Albert Street is not on the Bonnie Dundee route. Action: Chris

Actions for this year
Will continue with surgeries using Exhibition Caravan, sites to include outside Lloyds/Boots on Albert Street. This could be done in conjunction with the Development Team. Action: All

Meeting arranged for this Saturday (24th) April at 10.30am in Baxter Park to discuss the MUGA.

The flowers are ordered for the Hanging Baskets. Watering will be done by Contract Services.

Will look at organising a fundraising event to fund the Hanging Baskets in future years.


Information was received by Community Safety Wardens, Environmental Health & Trading Standards Dept, the Web Project, The Youth Team and the Carbon Exchange Project. Information/updates will be asked for regularly. Hayley to get contact numbers with reports so some can go in the notice boards.  Action: Hayley

Hans attended the workshops run by the Carbon Exchange Project. They are trying to encourage people to shop locally by giving discounts etc at local shops. Hans will get more details and invite them to attend the next exec meeting. Action: Hans
Carol received 3 planning applications but none in the area.

The signatories on the Forum Bank account need changing. Hans will get relevant forms for next meeting. Action: Hans

It was asked if the minutes could be out at least a week before the next meeting. This was agreed. Action: Sharon

Chris suggested taking out the exec meetings August & December. This will be discussed again at the next meeting.

Hayley to send Chris and Sharon the updated committee members contact sheet. Action: Hayley


Tuesday 11th May at 7pm in Boomerang Hall Betty Wood gives her apologies for this meeting