Stobswell Forum Exec Committee Meeting TUESDAY 10TH AUGUST 2010
Boomerang Hall

Chris Hind - Chairperson    CH
Ina Brown - Vice Chair    IB
Janet Crank    JC
Carol Bailey    CB
Betty Wood    BW
Hayley Tunstall - Community Worker    HT
Stuart Fairweather - Communities Officer    SF

APOLOGIES: Sharon Smart, Hans Rolsfnes


Apologies are noted as above.


CRF - Ina and Sharon attended. Date and time of next meeting on minute as 14th September.

3.    Gabrielle - no show

4.    UPDATES:

2 Funding Applications
Lunchtime Athletics programme in local primary school was supported.  Dundonald Street streetscape - to make permanent the temporary euro-bins, increase car parking spaces, plant street trees and paint goal posts etc in car park area. Application supported.

Civic Forum
Chris gave apologies for next meeting will be on holiday.  Next meeting 17th August
- looking at the group structure.
Regeneration Gathering on agenda. Gathering to invite Neighbourhood Representative Structures, Community Councils and Regeneration Forums. In Maryfield - Stobswell Forum, City Centre and Harbour Community Council, Regeneration Forum and any tenants groups. Stobswell Forum happy to participate in Gathering.

At Civic Forum meeting. It asked for Stobswell Forum's ideas on how to tackle addiction.It was said a problem in the area is all shops in Albert Street are licensed - too long hours selling booze - too widely available.

Clean Close Company
Looking at 2 new premises - just off Cotton Road and Alexander Street. Frances Dorward has stepped down as Chair.
Next meeting on 26th August.

Chris spoke to Alex over bill for graffiti - did not include VAT. They will re issue bill. A walkabout was suggested to see how 6000 was spent. Stobswell Forum could apply to Regeneration Forum to employ Clean Close Company to continue with graffiti removal.

Change of bank signatories sorted.

Hanging Baskets
They are being watered but some are dropping off. Still waiting for bill for baskets - 600.

Chris gave apologies to Bonnie Dundee Group's meeting last meeting.
LCPP Meeting

Irene Morrison is Stobswell Forum's Representative. Hayley will contact her re next  meeting. Tuesday 17th at 2pm in Central Library. Action HT

Events Group
Celebration in the Park was a successful day.  Stuart will call meeting to discuss event and look at how group will progress.   Action: SF


SURF - Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum
Licensing applications to Carol.  Carol gets all applications - not relevant to area.
Can we only receive relevant to Stobswell area. Change contact details to Chris.   Action: CB

6.    A.O.C.B.

Stobswell Forum's next meeting will be a get together - not a committee meeting: looking at what is available in the area, what services.  To get a better knowledge of area - what's going on. What do you know / What do you not know/What would you like to know. Will be done as a fish supper night.

Jennie Massie finishing PhD - would like to meet Forum members tomorrow.  Carol free until 8pm. Will pass on Ina's number.

Garden Landscape - wall coming down at Erskine Street. LCPP looking at shop front sites for improvements.
Two dead trees removed from Dura Street.  Left a hole - will raise this at LCPP.

Open Meeting in October, SS to invite Neil Ellis and Gabrielle. Alan Howieson will be invited to November meeting. Action SS

26th November - 7pm-11pm Fundraiser - Scottish Night - 5 including first drink and stovies. Venue suggested was Boomerang. Betty Wood knows a Ceilidh band.  Will    HT get tickets ready for Open Meeting. Hayley will speak to Neil. Action HT

14th September meeting to start at 6pm. Councillors would like to know about Open Meetings.

7.    DTNM
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th September at 6pm in the Boomerang Hall