Stobswell Forum Exec Committee Meeting
St Johns Church


Chris Hind - Chairperson    CH
Sharon Smart - Secretary    SS
Ina Brown - Vice Chair    IB
Hans Rolsfnes - Treasurer    HR
Janet Crank    JC
Valerie Beveridge    VB
Shahneela Arshad    SA
Hayley Tunstall - Community Worker    HT
Stuart Fairweather - Communities Officer    SF


PC David Louden - Community Officer PC Jim Smith - Community Officer Alistair McLeod - Solar City Scotland

APOLOGIES: Betty Wood, Carol Bailey, Irene Morrison, PC David Gallacher


CH welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies are noted as above.


Ali started by thanking the committee for the invitation.
Ali explained that the Community Carbon Exchange project is a community led project that aims to work with individuals, groups and organisations to cut carbon emissions.  By taking part in the project you will be asked to undertake a pioneering challenge to help radically reduce your community's carbon footprint.  As an individual you can help by taking steps to reduce your own carbon emissions but you can also work with others to created new projects to reduce the community's carbon footprint.  This can range from car sharing or using alternative transport, the list is endless. It is hoped that up to 100 people will get involved. Ali also stated that the community should have a target of 300 tonnes per year reduction of carbon emissions.

At the end of the presentation VB asked a question regarding lack of facilities to recycle plastic. Unfortunately Ali was unable to shed light on this, however SF said the lack of facilities are mainly due to a lack in the purchasing market once the plastic has been collected and agreed that plastic recycling was an issue.


David started with passing on David Gallachers apologies for not attending the meeting.  David was invited to discuss the incident in Janefield Place in early April. He told the committee that this seemed to be an isolated incident and has confirmed that a number of people have been charged in connection with this. He went on to say that there is CCTV footage; however he cannot at the moment show this to the committee due to ongoing legal action.  Once the legal action is completed he will be more than willing to share the footage with the committee. The committee was assured that if any disturbances take place and were reported that the police do act on them.
A point was raised in respect of Morgan Academy pupils using Janefield Place to go to DISC and the lack of supervisors with the pupils. David Louden stated that there is to be a meeting with Mr Shaw (Morgan Academy Head Teacher) and he will raise the issue with him.
The number of calls in respect of youth disturbance has drastically reduced in the last year to 18 months.  It was noted that this could be the effect of No 1 Boomerang opening.

There then was a small discussion regarding other problems in the area for example prostitution and break ins. It was stated that the numbers are decreasing.  David finished by informing the committee that should we require the local police to attend any meeting to get in touch with them.
David also stated that it is hoped that further surgeries would take place in early summer at Craigie and one in late summer in Stobswell.

    Minutes agreed. Nominated by IB and seconded by HR   
It is noted that item 6 in respect of the MUGA should read:
Meeting arranged by Friends of Baxter Park for this Saturday (24th) April at 10.30am in Baxter Park to discuss the MUGA. CH also stated that the steering group consists of 4 members who have an extremely difficult job ahead of them with the MUGA costing in the region of 150k.   

    There has in total been 2 quotes received one from for a total of   
    3500 with an annual cost of 120. The second quote is from Webdesignlook   
    and is for a total of 1950. Hayley to contact them to get breakdown of costs.  Action:  Hayley


    Clean Close Company   
    SS informed that CB had attended her first meeting and feels it went well.   
    There was nothing major to report.   

    Local Community Planning Partnership   
    Not attended.  Next meeting scheduled for 18 May 2010.  HT indicated that IM    Irene
    was happy to attend this.
    Civic Forum   
    Not attended.  Next meeting scheduled for 20 June 2010.
    Access Forum   
    Nothing relevant to report.
    Events Group   
    Next meeting scheduled for 25 May 2010 at 7pm in Boomerang and is to   
    organise Celebration in the Park on the 7 August 2010.
    Bonnie Dundee   
    CH attended and stated that Albert Street is to be included in this year   
    Regeneration Forum   
    IB and SS both attended. IB elected as chair. IB stated that there had been 4 application to consider the regeneration forum supported the following:   
    Environment Artist - Maryfield 1year funding   
    Youth Work Boomerang - 3 years of funding   
    Basic Moves Programme - 1 year funding   
    The fourth application for Duke of Edinburgh Award (BEL technical qualification) was rejected by the forum. 
    SS stated that the forum had received a reply from David Dorward (Chief  Executive of DCC) in respect of toilet facilities with Baxter Park. He stated that  there were plans to put a door in the Ranger Centre,             such that toilets could be accessed from the park.  However the estimated costs would be 75k and would make this option prohibitive and not one that he could recommend. He advised that the Leisure &               Communities Department will provide a seasonal  attendant on a similar basis to 2009.  This part time employee will ensure that the toilet provision in the Park centre is open and that the play area and the   
    area surrounding the Park centre in well maintained and hope this reassures the forum that there will be a manned toilet facility within Baxter Park over the  summer of 2010.   
    SS stated that a bill was received by Clean Close Company in respect of the  graffiti removal.  This was passed to HR to organise payment.    Action: Hans
There followed a discussion regarding the areas the bill represented.  IB and SA both agreed that during the meeting with Alex Fyffe (CCC) it was agreed that the areas to be tackled should be main entries and exits to and from the city centre plus Morgan Street due to the amount of graffiti. SS stated that yes it was to be the main areas along with any utilities boxes which needed graffiti removed from them. SS felt that a further meeting may be needed to assess future graffiti removal.


It was agreed that Ali McLeod be invited to the open meeting on 8 June 2010 to present his project on Carbon Exchange.    Action: Sharon

It was also agreed that Alex Fyffe (Clean Close Company) be invited to make a presentation on the graffiti removal which has been done so far in the area. Action: Sharon
It was agreed that committee member note any graffiti that require removal for the future. Action: ALL

It was agreed that a dictaphone should be purchased to assist with minute taking.

HT looking for anyone to help publicise the open meeting. It was agreed that this should take place on the 4 June 2010 and the 5 June 2010  Times and places are as follows:
4June 2010 at 3.30pm Clepington Primary School 5 June 2010 at 10am-11am on Albert Street
5 June 2010 at 1pm-2pm at Lidils in Dura Street
HT to contact committee members with further details.    Action: Hayley

Open meeting Tuesday 8 June 2010 at 7pm Boomerang Hall

Meeting Closed 9pm