STOBSWELL FORUM Committee Meeting 
Wednesday, 13th August 2014 
Arthurstone Library 19:00

1.    Welcome, Apologies & Attendance
Sharon Smart - SS
Natalie Hush - NH
Stuart Fairweather - SF
David MacDougall - DMac
Sarah Barham - SB
Arlene Morris - AM
Apologies received from;
Betty Wood, Carol Bailey & Bill Jordan

2.    Minutes of June & July's meetings

SS confirmed that all members had read through drafts of minutes and proposed both copies of minutes were true and accurate reflections of June/ July's meeting. DMacD seconded this and committee agreed minutes could be forwarded to add onto FB/Website pages. - Action - NH

3.    Clean Close Company Update

SS explained to the committee, that the 'Clean Close' Co. was a social enterprise, established around 10 years ago with the support of Stobswell Forum. The company began with tenement block communal cleans but have expanded over the years, to assist in garden maintenance, graffiti removal, house cleans and carpets cleans for housing associations/ local authority properties. The Forum is one of 4 stakeholders and Clean Close have advised they plan to look at options to ensure the company continues to move forward successfully in the foreseeable future.

4.    The Role of the Forum and its committee members

Discussed recent years AGM process of gathering issues to address in an 'Action Plan' for year ahead. Agreed it would most definitely assist to encourage topic introducers to come on board with Forum and assist in strengthening the focus on finding a resolution to each issue raised.
DMac suggested expanding some project goals and aiming for better results, perhaps over longer periods of time. E.g contact schools and discuss possible collaboration on joint community issues within their school plans for the following year, Agreed contacting schools to introduce ourselves would be advantageous to start this process. - Action - TBC/SF

5.    Next Open Forum Meeting

The next open meeting is planned for Wednesday 12 November at 7pm. Agreed to focus this meeting on 3 main subjects of current interest:
1.    'Legal High's'- Agreed more information on these products and the risks was required before moving forward with an agreed focus on an outcome. NH will contact AddAction to see if a worker would be willing to come along and provide information on this at next months committee meeting, and if necessary, perhaps the November Open meeting. - Action - NH
2.    Tenement Management- Agreed to invite along a worker from DCC Private Sector and find out if residents would like any advise/ assist in resolving issues in their tenement block/ street. SF will then speak to the Evening Tele, in regards to placing a notice to appeal for issues/concerns from residents and advise of next Open Meeting. - Action - NH/SF
3.    NHW scheme: Promote new FB now established as a result of last months meeting. Agreed to invite Clare Ramsay from Tayside Police along to Open Meeting in regards to winter safety such as shed locks/ timers. - Action - NH

6.    A.O.B

DMacD suggested a FB training session for committee members, to ensure full use of Forum FB page by members and wider community as some members feel less confident.
Agreed an informal training session will be done at October's meeting for committee members. Projector and laptop will be used by NH/ SB, to show other members how to work the Forum Facebook page as well as be feel clear about security options.- Action - NH/SB

This led to discussions on library with its recent renovations and available space for use. Agreed a FB training session may also be something the community would be interested in attending. SF agreed to contact a known trainer in this area to explore setting up some classes. - Action - SF

Lack of furniture is also an outstanding issue for the library. Agreed SF would contact all DCC departments to discuss options and look at possible funding from MRF - Action - SF
SS to contact Jim Sturrock to check status with Forum due to no contact recently. - Action - SS

Discussion around Christmas Lights. SS advised of recent information released in regard to Christmas funding. SS will find exact details of eligibility and email group. - Action - SS

DMacD advised he had by admiring the hanging baskets on Albert Street and agreed with comments made at previous meeting, that more baskets and repair of some broken one, would look far better. DMacD also suggested the possible use of baskets during Christma, to hold lights. Forum agreed this sounded like a positive and interesting idea. DMacD agreed he would visit baskets again to check for damage and liaise with shop owners regarding extra basket brackets. DMacD also agreed to check state of repair in Noticeboards. There are currently 2 olders boards at Boots/ TSB and Dundonald St, and 4 newer ones at Glebelands Primary, Woodside, Court St and Albert St. - Action - DMac
SS raised query on possible missing baskets from outside Spar, when it was previously known as Blockbuster. SF will contact Spar to enquire. - Action - SF

NH advised a PR statement draft had been complied in regard to the Legal Highs issue, however as Forum have now agreed that clarity on the actual topic/ issues is required before deciding action, statement will be saved for discussion/ editing following hopefully an information session on the subject.

NH advised she could no longer attend the MCPP meeting on 26 August on behalf of SS. DMacD confirmed he would be attending. NH agreed to email all committee members a reminder of DMacD's email address, to advise him of any queries we may have for attending representatives at MCPP

7.    D.O.N.M

Wednesday 10 September 2014 at 7pm in Arthurstone Library.