Stobswell Forum
July 10th, 2013
Arthurstone Library

1.    Attendance

Sharon Smart (Chairperson) - SS
June Ward - JW
Bill Jordan - BJ
Alan Maich - AM
Michael McInally - MMc

1.1 Present

Phylis Devlin - PD
Stuart Fairweather - Communities Officer - SF

1.2 Apologies

Natalie Hush - NH
Carol Bailey - CB
Betty Ward - BW
Irene Watson - IW

2.    Minutes and Matters Arising   
The minutes of May's Committee Meeting were agreed as correct with the following observations and corrections;

"    Hanging Baskets now in place and being watered
"    Facebook page now live
"    The 500 community safety grant has been banked.
The minutes of the June forum meeting were distributed and agreed.  It was explained that once the Committee has agreed them they would be distributed with the attachments; an updated Action Plan and the Alcohol Overconsumption report.

The minutes were proposed by Alan Maich and seconded by June Ward.
3. Correspondence

3.1 Sharon circulated the Community Consultation on Alcohol by way of follow-up on the forum meeting.  Was noted that people can also access this online.

3.2 Stuart highlighted the Capacity Building Baseline Questionnaire.  A tool to assist the group in assessing how it is operating and the support it might need.  It was agreed to circulate this to all of the members and discuss it at the next meeting.  It was explained that the process was voluntary and that all groups in the area would be asked to do an similar exercise (if they wished).

4. Reps Progress Update

4.1    Maryfield community planning partnership meeting 14th May, no minutes circulated as yet, and Stuart and Natalie were also there so can fill in gaps, but main points:

i) alcohol & drugs presentation- interesting presentation and they wish us to consider and ask Maryfield residents what here experience and thoughts are on current level of alcohol provision i.e. existing shops, bars who have licence,  and would local residents engage with the licensing process in Dundee-there is an online questionnaire available.

ii) City Planning Development- City square is to be completed by July 13. Waterfront update of plans to be available soon.

iii) Health & well being Group-280,000 awarded to expand social prescribing in Stobswell area. There is a an evaluation event planned for 28/8/13.

iv) Housing and assessment of impact of welfare reforms, discusses and housing officers see and impact of new reforms on residents/ tenants. Collaborative walkabouts planned with Housing officers- member of group welcome.

v) Fire Dept reports targeting shopkeepers in Albert St re garbage storage and fire prevention. New Scheme in schools piloted in Grove Academy but to be rolled out to other Dundee Schools. Aim  to educate year 1& 2 pupils re fire prevention and safety.

vi) Police - report overall decrease in crime rates recently in our area 102 to 79. However overdose rates remain same. Prostitution- 16 complaints in 3 month period and residents report problem seems to have moved to Dens Rd area. House break ins reduced from 32 to 11 last month. Some known criminals have been apprehended, convicted and at present are detained by HMP.

No other points to add to above only to raise that someone continues to dump bread( we are talking binfuls) and other foodstuffs at ponds, this has been reported to environmental health dept who are investigating.    

4.2 Carol had contacted Sharon to explain that the Access Forum was looking for support for establishing reduced mileage area in the Stobswell area.  There was a general positive response.  It was agreed to get the details and discuss at the August meeting.

4.3 Website maintenance was discussed.  Alan proposed that the individual presently maintain the website be given a fee of 50 for the set-up work and 50 for the website management.  Whilst these figures were thought to be extremely reasonable it was suggested that some attempt to make cost comparisons should be made
After some discussion the Chair reminded the meeting that despite the lower than usual attendance the quorum was five that the above arrangement should stand until the end of the financial year (subject to the website developers Scott Robertson's agreement.  Price comparisons could be looked at towards the end of the period covered by the above arrangement (eg March 2014)

4.4 Natalie has got the facebook page up and running.  Anyone with a facebook account can request access.  Administration rights can easily be passed on.  Some work needs done to create links between facebook and the website and vice versa.  In her absence Natalie was thanked for her work on this.  Publicity needs to encourage people to 'like' Stobswell Forum on facebook.

4.5 Notice Board maintenance is progressing Hayley and Stuart having been asked to take on this role.  It was suggested that a list of meetings and information about the website and facebook be added.

4.6    The mailing list is being systematically updated with some information coming in at the last Forum.
5.    Events/Activities

Celebration in the Park was talked about in some detail.  The Stobswell Forum stall will be used to highlight the Forum.  Guess the number of sweets, a feedback sheet and box, and leaflets for the next forum in October will be used.  In addition assistance will be provided to sell carnival ride tickets.

Stuart to circulate a matrix so people indicate when they can attend.

Bill suggested a brief meeting on July 30th - at the Park Centre to ensure everything is in place.  Alan to book and check if the building is available.  The meeting will start at 6.30pm.

Material for the event was distributed.   
6.    Action Plan  
6.1    Spring Clean - now looking at the autumn when the schools are back.   
6.2    Work taking place to ensure that the code for the gate at Baffin Street is being appropriately distributed to all tenants, landlords, fire service etc.  Youth disorder appears to have diminished but a close eye is being kept on the situation.   
6.3    Regeneration in the area surrounding Glebelands Primary etc. Discussion again the LCPP, some discussion with the school in the autumn term - liked to Community Safety Team/Fire Service work.   
6.4    Bill is involved with some work with the Tenants Federation using Age Concerns Street Audit materials.  He agreed to share the findings with June prior to the August Community Planning Partnership meeting.  The condition of pavements in specific areas will be identified.   
6.5    Neighbourhood Watch activity in the area  to the north of Swannie Ponds was discussed.  The boundaries of the area, where to put signage, finding local contacts, using facebook and other methods of communication all need considered.   
6.6    Lighting Swannie Ponds could be considered for a possible Regeneration Funding application subject to the view of the Environment Department.  This would require dividing the 100,000 application into a number of parts.  The Regeneration Forum's rules about spend in the regeneration area would also need to be taken into account.  As would Friends of Swannie Ponds view on how essential the project is.  Stuart was asked to suggest an approach that could be taken to any consultation.   
6.7    On traffic movement, Carol's earlier comments about access were noted.  As was the fact that the Community Planning Partnership were also discussing the subject in the context of the development at the waterfont.   
6.8    Plans for a blue light disco have been delayed due to police sickness absence.  This now looks like being a winter event.   
6.9    Lammerton Terrace.  If consensus amongst residents emerges Stuart is happy to assist in finding ways to take this forward.  The extremely complex position with 'ownership' of the land makes this difficult however.  Betty had kindly shared information with people living locally.  The Forum needed to consider their views on this action.   
6.10    Bus Services Arbroath Road - positive developments have taken place.  Possible press work?   
7.    Any Other Business   
7.1    It was noted that Bill Jordan's correct email address is incorrect which has been rectified.   
7.2    Alan explained that he has been after some part time work that may require him to resign from the post of treasurer.  This will be looked at again at the next meeting.   
7.3    Admin grant needs followed up.   
8.    Date of the Next Meeting   
    It was agreed to move the next meeting to Thursday, 15th August, 7pm Arthurstone Library