Wednesday, 9th July 2014
Arthurstone Library 19:00

1.    Welcome, Apologies &  Attendance

Sharon Smart (Chairperson) - SS
Natalie Hush (Treasurer/ Acting Secretary) - NH
Bill Jordan (Committee member) - BJ
Sarah Barham (Committee member) - SB
Cllr Cruickshank - GC
Hayley Tunstall (Communities Officer) - HT
Stuart Fairweather (Communities Officer) - SF
Alan Maich (Maryfield Regeneration Forum/ Friends of Swannie Ponds) - AMa
Kirsty Gemmell (DCC Adult Learning) - KG
Irene Shearer (Friends of Baxter Park) - IS
David MacDougall (Events Group) - DMac
Arlene Morris (Local resident) - AMo
Marnie Tunstall (Local resident) - MT

Apologies received from Chris Hind. - CH

2.     Groups & Activity Locally

Sharon welcomed everyone to the meeting and before continuing with the agenda, invited everyone to take a tour of the newly renovated library in which this meeting was being held.
SF showed everyone around to see the renovations and available space for multi functional activities, as well as encouraging continuing use of the Library itself.
It was noted that furnishings were still required for the spaces. 
Sharon then invited members attending on behalf of other local groups, to provide information and updates on each group respectively.

2.1    Friends of Baxter Park (Update provided by Irene Shearer)
2 upcoming events planned to mark the nearing end of this years celebrations to mark 150 years of Baxter Park being officially handed over to the people of Dundee.
Celebration in the Park, alongside the Dundee Motor show, on Saturday 10 August from 12pm is the first event. FoBP will be inside the Pavilion with a Collection of Memories sourced from the around the community. Requests have been made to the public for contributions and people will be invited into the Pavilion to also create pictures and leave stories to be turned into bunting. This bunting will then be used for a Time Capsule event planned for September. A date is still to be confirmed. Also hoping to a create a local schools competition to find an item to place in the capsule to represent 'presentday'.

The second confirmed event is on 24 August where a Cricket match originally held back in 1877 will be held once again at Baxter Park. Dundee HS and others are planning to recreate the event in fancy dress and will be inviting the community to come along with a picnic and enjoy a family day out.

FoBP advised things are progressing in regards to the new MUGA (Multiuse games area) plan for the park. A lawyer has been secured via Big Lotto funding. They are currently waiting on a draft Lease from DCC. Hoping to begin building works following the end of the school summer holidays, to avoid unnecessary disruption during busy periods of use.

2.2    Adult Learning (Update provided by Kirsty Gemmell)
KG introduced herself, explaining she works within Maryfield and Coldside. Some may be aware of Liz Allardice previously covering this area. KG advised Liz is still working within Adult learning and works alongside her with regards to the Adult Learning Association and activities such as ESOL citywide. KG advised the group of other workers Kim Robertson and Colin Kristy, based at Mitchell St Centre where assistance with translation and interpretation are available as well as other services.
ESOL will now be moving from Boots Pharmacy, Albert Street, to the Library when classes restart in August.
SF also advised there is a plan to start up a WW1 history class at the Library for adult learners interested.

2.3    Maryfield Regeneration Forum (Update provided by Alan Maich, Vice Chair)
Reports in regards to this years funds and allocations to date were handed out to attendees. The total funding allocated to MRF this year was £146,000.
Unawarded funds divided into three categories, totals £106,035 to date. HT can be contacted in regard to making an application or any other queries regarding this.
DMacD suggested a possible application to add hanging basket brackets to the Stobswell area.

2.4    Friends of Swannie Ponds (Update provided by Alan Maich, Chair)
Ongoing work updates: Fence surround play park almost complete.
The bottom pond has been emptied and scraped and now has its own water supply separate to top pond to assist pond standards. AMa advised the Model Boat Club plan to use the pond again as soon as it has been refilled and that the club have plans to join in with the CiP event at Baxter Park.
Top pond is now quite clear and recently underwent a Green flag inspection. Results of outcome and action plan are due shortly but AMa felt it went well. Regatta has been postponed but hope to reschedule in August.
Looking at putting a bid in for exercise machines and perimeter path to encourage public use. Funding has been secured for another seat which will be actioned following completion of current works.

2.5    Events Group (Update provided by David MacDougall)
A number of events ongoing to promote wider community but highlighted next big one will be Celebration in the Park. The west half of the park will be for stalls and games and the east half will be the Dundee Motor Show, with the Pavilion open with FoBP Memories display and activities. Food/ Drink outlets will also be present. At the top of the park the DCA/ Rep will be providing activities.

2.6    Stobswell Forum (Update provided by Sharon Smart, Chair)
Highlighting the recent reopening of the library with its considerable space upstairs, the group will be looking for activity ideas to encourage use of this space. HT is also looking into this and offered to provide information on feedback received to combine suggestions. - Action - HT. Attendees made suggestions of popular story telling sessions and perhaps also a movie night. Suggestions also made in regard to possible funding via MRF for furniture/ garden/ events for the library. The forum will look to discuss further at next committee meeting alongside other points raised so far. - Action - FB post to ALL

2.7    Maryfield Community Planning Partnership
This partnership joins local groups together with the NHS, Police, Fire Service and other services within DCC, to address overall issues and progress within the area. Recent discussions have been raised regarding the possible need for CCTV/ lighting in areas such as the Swannie ponds.
The next meeting is scheduled for 26 August at 6pm, held in the library. SS advised she would be unable to attend this, NH will attend on behalf of SS/Forum. - Action - NH 

3.    Questions and Discussion

Attendee MT highlighted concern in regard to local 'Legal High' shops and is wanting to campaign against them. Agreed to bring the topic up at next MCPP meeting as recent raids were carried out within Angus in regard to this. Cllr Cruickshank advised she also supports this campaign and has already sent statements to local press, to raise further support and awareness following recent articles in May/June around the growing concern and the Councils need to look at the issue. Agreed to seek opinion on this issue via Facebook followers and draft a PR to forward onto local newspapers as well as Police Scotland. - Action - NH/ALL

Local resident AMo highlighted a growing issue with untidiness and flytipping at Pitkerro road. Advice was given on contacting DCC EH Dept and rapid response team as depending on risk, and Private Sector should also be able to assist to resolve issues involving private housing in an area with public access.

AMa also highlighted the Neighbourhood Watch set up last year and suggested a FB page set up for NW in its own right would assist promotion and involvement in the group. - Action - Ama/NH

4.    A.O.B

HT advised of a newly opening Advice Café who will be looking for volunteers to offer support to people in the community.Please contact Hayley for further information. - Action - ANY

5.    DONM

The next open meeting is scheduled for 12 November at the same time/ venue.
Next committee meeting will be held on 13 August in the library, at 7pm also.