Stobswell Forum
June 12th, 2013
Arthurstone Library

1.    Attendance

Sharon Smart (Chairperson) - SS
Michael McInally - MM
Alan Maich - AM
Irene Watson - IW
Will Herald - WH
Ronald Watt - RW
Mrs D Watt - DW
Eric Ramsay - ER
Phyllis Devlin - PD
Mary Wareham - MW
T Grubb - TG
Mrs S Forte - SF
Mrs E Grossi  - EG
G Boyd Baird - GBB

1.1 Present

Councillor Cruickshank - GC
Louise Hillman - Police Scotland - LH
Claire Ramsay - Community Safety Worker - CR
Vered Hopkins - Drug and Alcohol Project - VH
Carole Robertson - Dundee City Council - CR
                                Alcohol Focus Scotland
Stuart Fairweather - Maryfield Communities Officer - SF
Sarah Currie - Focus on Alcohol Scotland
Caroline Church - Focus on Alcohol Scotland

1.2 Apologies

Cllr Lynn - KL
Cllr Melville - CM
Carol Bailey - CB
June Ward - JW
Bill Jordan - BJ
Natalie Hush - NH
Ged Bell - Maryfield Community Planning Partnership Chair - GB
Irene Shearer - IS


2.    Presentation - Alcohol over consumption
Vered Hopkins was welcomed by Sharon and gave a presentation based on a report by the Drug and Alcohol Partnership (see attached).

This hopes to influence the thinking of Dundee's Licensing Board by outlining the 'relationship' between alcohol license provision and harm in Dundee and each of the Local Community Planning partnership areas specifically.

Forum members discussed the report and were invited to share their view with the Licencing Board via questionnaire. Carole Robertson will provide Stuart with hard copies. Action CR/SF

Vered was thanked for her contribution to the meeting.

3.Stobswell Forum Action Plan

The action plan was distributed and Sharon highlighted what had been completed so far (see attached).  Comments were made on the hanging baskets, on the pavements in the area, and on Stobbie ponds including the lighting.

3.1 Web-site and Facebook (Communications)

Sharon explained that work had taken place to update the web-site and establish a face-book page.

These developments were welcomed and those that had volunteered to assist with these areas of communication were thanked.

It was also noted that the Forum continued to use the five notice boards in the area to publicise events.  Additionally email and post would continue to be used.  Members that had returned up-to-date details were thanked for their assistance.

It was noted that there is now an additional notice board at Swannie Ponds and that there had been press coverage of the meeting.

4.    Update from Police and Councillors

Police Constable Louise Hillman spoke about on street prostitution.  The Vice-Versa project continues to carry-out its work supporting individuals that are being exploited and attempting to move them on to other opportunities and sources of support.  Whilst the impact on the community is not being underestimated the Police complaints are down on previous figures.  Emphasis is being put on kerb-crawling as a crime in an attempt to reduce 'demand'.

Louise also spoke briefly about 'youth issues' in the Baffin Street area and said that these appear to have lessoned, in part thanks to the actions that had been described earlier in the action plan.

5.    Any other Business

A question was raised about the change of venue to Forum meetings.  Sharon explained that all committee meetings of the forum will all be open to the public.  With forum meetings (bigger events with invited speakers) 'touring' Stobswell and using different appropriate venues.  It was hoped that this would allow different people to attend.  Action SS/SF
6.    Forthcoming meetings

Committee meeting - July 10th 7pm Arthurstone Library
Committee meeting - August 14th 7pm Arthurstone Library
Committee meeting - September 11th 7pm Arthurstone Library
Stobswell Forum - October 9th 7pm (Venue to be confirmed)