Stobswell Forum
Wednesday, 9th October 2013
Arthurstone Library

1.    Attendance

Sharon Smart (Chairperson)
Eric Ramsay
Ron Watt
Marnie Tunstall
Mary Tunstall
Janet Crank

2. Present

Cllr Lynn
Cllr Melville
Cllr Cruickshank
Hayley Tunstall
Stuart Fairweather

3. Apologies

Betty Wood
Pervin Ahmad
June Ward
Alan Maich
Natalie Hush
Carole Bailey


4.    Update on Forum Activity
Sharon welcomed everyone to the meeting and updated on the Forum's Action Plan.

Progress has been made on the following;

  • The gates at Baffin Street
  • The circular service bus
  • Hanging baskets and their watering
  • Celebration in the Park
  • Pavement at Albert Street (Boots) surveyed
  • Drain cover Arbroath Road - tripping hazard addressed
  • Neighbourhood Watch - signs obtained, volunteers needed
  • Swannie Ponds lighting - cost identified (100,000).  Friends plans need considered
  • Traffic Alignment Arbroath Road/Albert Street junction.

More work needs done on;

Overprovision of alcohol locally (V Hopkins offered to attend meeting)
Blue Light (or similar) style disco
Community clean-up in conjunction with Morgan.
5.  Local Issues/Concerns

5.1.    Cllr Cruickshank spoke about the planned closure of Maryfield Police Station.

It was explained that it was the "counter service" that was in question.  This provision may well end in January.

It was further explained that Inspector Black (Police Scotland) had been in touch about the matter.

Concern remained about the counter service, any wider implications and the lack of consultation/communication.

It was agreed to hold the next forum on December 11th and invite Inspector Black to attend.

5.2.    On going issues to do with dangerous and double parking in Park Avenue and elsewhere were discussed.

It was ruled that Neil Gellatly of the City Development Department's Transport Section had been carrying out a study into parking across the Stobswell area.  It was suggested that this should also be the basis for a discussion.  This idea was welcomed and it was requested that the impact on Ladywell Terrace and elsewhere in the ward be taken into account.

The role of Park Wise and areas of dangerous driving Victoria Street into Albert Street (illegal left turn were also noted).

6.    Planned Activity for the coming months

In addition to changing the order of the Forum and Committee meeting (which are also open to the public the following dates were noted.

  • Travelling Museum of Invention - November 11th Baxter Park
  • Friends of Baxter Park Halloween Activity and Multi-Games area consultation - Saturday, October 26th.  Details to follow.
  • Christmas Tree Lights Switch-on Wednesday, 27th November - Morgan
  • Maryfield Roundtable December 16th - Arthurstone (details Hayley)
  • Stobswell Forum December 11th

A full list of dates are attached.

7.    Date of Next Meeting

December 11th 2013 (details will be shared by letter/notice/face-book and website