Stobswell Forum Information Sharing Meeting
Boomerang Hall

Chris Hind - Chairperson    CH
Ina Brown - Vice Chair    IB
Janet Crank    JC
Carol Bailey    CB
Hans Rolsfnes - Treasurer    HR
Arlene Easson    AE
Hayley Tunstall - Community Worker    HT


Sharon Smart, Betty Wood, Val Beveridge, Stuart Fairweather

Councillors to be informed of Open meetings with plenty notice.   Action: HT

It was agreed that letters should be sent to Helen Hedges, Shaneela Ashram, and
Irene Morrison re: no attendance at meetings.    Action: SS

Clean Close Company - no update on premises as yet. They are intending to start a new project of carpet recycling. It was felt there was no need for 2 reps from Forum to sit on board and attend all meetings. Only one person is needed to report back. CB suggested finding someone more suitable, with a business background to represent Forum.

Graffiti bill has been paid.


Cost of hanging baskets was 702 instead of 600 as the original bill did not include VAT. Once this bill is paid accounts sit at about 1,200

It was asked if they had received this year's admin grant for being a NRS. Hayley to  chase up and email Hans.   Action:  HT

Next LCPP meeting will be held in Morgan on 16th Nov at 7pm.

Neil Ellis from Boomerang and Gabrielle from Alzheimer Scotland have confirmed as speakers for Open mtg.

It was agreed to provisionally change the Scottish Night to 19th November as the    Action: HT
Boomerang Hall is not available on 26th. Hayley to contact Betty Wood.

Hans presented the website he has been working on. All agreed it looked great and would like Hans to continue working on it. Action HR

Ina attended Civic Forum meeting, who spoke about information commissioner andthat any groups holding databases have to pay 35. Hayley will contact Natalie to get more info. Action: HT


HT gave out copies of What's on in Stobswell, the new issue of Blank Space and a list of Local Projects. After a long discussion around the services in the area it was agreed to visit agencies to find out more about what they were doing and feedback at the next Exec meeting in November.
Making Money Work/ Hillcrest - Hans   Action: HR
Dundee Healthy Living Initiative - Carol    Action:CB
Aberlour - Ina   Action: IB
Boomerang & No1 - Ina  Action:  IB
Small Steps in Stobswell - Hayley   Action: HT
Boots/Alliance Chemist - Hayley   Action: HT

It was noted that Stobswell Forum was not included in either the What's on in
Stobswell or Blank Space. Chris will do article for next edition of Blank Space.    Action:CH

HT informed group that Blank Space are struggling for volunteers.


It was agreed to look at this again at the November meeting as there were too many members not at meeting.

6.    A.O.C.B.

CB raised the issue of joint repair costs for tenement properties. In particular roof repairs. It was suggested inviting relevant people from public/private sector grants/repairs to speak at Open meeting in January. It was agreed this was a good idea.

Contributing to improving Mental Health event in Baxter Park Thursday 16th Sept 9.30-1pm. A follow up to the work being done by Sheila McMahon and the Equally Well team.

It was agreed that it was disappointing that the Forum were not more involved with Celebration in the Park this year. Ina fed back from Events group meeting, who will be meeting again early October to work on a constitution and open a bank account for the group. Forum members are fully supportive of this but some members have a problem with how much work this entails and their commitment to other groups. Action: All

There has been a lot of trouble with young people sitting in closes at lunchtime and causing a nuisance. Stephen Shaw has asked that any incidents be reported to the school and police.
7.    DTNM
     The next meeting is an Open meeting on Tuesday 12th October at 7pm in the Boomerang Hall
     The next Exec committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th November at 7pm in the Boomerang Hall.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm