NEWS RELEASE - LIDL Parking Plans - 18 February 2016

New staff parking plans at Lidl's Dura Street store are again facing opposition from the Stobswell Forum.

"Although the new proposals are a significant improvement on the previous application, we are not satisfied that this is the best design option." said Forum chairperson Duncan McCabe.

"The reduction in overall parking spaces in line with the Dundee Streets Ahead provision is to be welcomed, but the proposed new access onto Harriet Street is still an unnecessary extra hazard in a busy area. It is our contention that access to the staff parking could be via the existing service road. We believe this to be technically feasible and would fully alleviate our traffic and road safety concerns."

"We also welcome Lidl's assurance that they would replace any trees lost by replanting in the area to the north previously earmarked for further staff parking. However, if the design was to be amended as we suggest, all exiting trees could be retained. Nonetheless, the Forum would be willing to work with Lidl to create a community garden in the northern area of the site which lies within yards of the location of the historic Stobs Well itself. This could become a significant environmental and educational asset for our community."

For more information - contact Duncan McCabe on 07414643317

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