Open Meeting 9th August 2011

The Forum hosted a well attended open meeting on Tuesday 9th August. About 30 people, including two of the local councillors, came to hear Garyth Jardin, Senior Community Safety Warden, and Ged Bell, Chairperson of the Maryfield Community Planning Partnership, speak.

Garyth Jardin gave an interesting presentation about the work of the wardens in Dundee. In addition to their traditional street patrolling work, the wardens remit also include looking after things like fly tipping, graffiti and other vandalism, missing persons and public health nuisances.
The Community Safety Wardens can be contacted on (01382) 436333.

Ged Bell gave an overview over the role and membership of the Local Community Planning Partnerships (LCPP) and their work on community planning. The LCPPs main task is to develop a Community Plan for the next three years (2012-2014) through consultations local residents. The Forum has one elected respresentative on the Maryfield Community Planning Partnership.

The police was also represented at the meeting, and Sergeant Kenny Bell gave and overview over the work of the police over the last months. There's been a reduction in number of cases reported to the police in Stobswell this summer compared with last summer, and the area is generally considered to be safe and peacefull.

The next open meeting will take place on Tuesday 8th November.

From left: safety wardens, chair Ina Brown, Ged Bell, and police officers.