Open Meeting 11th January 2011

The Forum hosted a well attended open meeting on Tuesday 11th January. The speakers on the night included Marc Davidson from DCC's Private/Public repairs section and Morag Beattie from the DUNCAN project.

Marc provided lots of interesting and useful information regarding common repairs in tenemental properties, grants that are available to both tenemental and other properties and much more. Much of this information is also available here.

Morag Beattie, representing the DUNdee Co-ordinated Anticrime Network (DUNCAN),  spoke about some of the projects run by the Network, including a new bottle marking initiative for off-licenses to limit the selling of alcohol to underaged. This is a pilot project running only in Stobswell but which will be extended to the rest of the city if proven to be successful.

Morag Beattie

Morag also talked about the Best Bar None scheme which all bars, pubs and nightclubs in Dundee can sign up to. The scheme focuses on various issues related to customer care and safety, and venues that sign up to the scheme have to prove that they meet a certain standard of operation. The scheme has so far had low uptake among pubs in Stobswell.

At the meeting there were also discussions about the state of the pavements and the problems with mail deliveries related to the heavy snowfall earlier this winter.

The meeting was well attended by local residents