Tuesday 12th October 2010
Boomerang Hall

Chris Hind  Ina Brown Hans Rolfsnes N Patrick
Ron Watt Janet Brown
James Carmichael Phyllis Devlin Chris McNicholl Betty Wood Douglas Wilkie Arline Easson
Gabrielle Colston-Taylor Jacqui Pearson
Rev Bill
Mark McInally Neil Ellis
Councillor Craig Melville
Stuart Fairweather - Communities Officer


Carol Bailey, Sharon Smart, Councillor Fordyce, Councillor Lynn

2.    Neil Ellis: Boomerang Youth Work

No.1 Pitkerro Road - Mon/Tue/Wed     Fri/Sat

  •      12-16 year olds
  •      Approximately 12 per night

Girls only on Friday 8pm-10pm Publicity now out for this new group

In addition on Tuesdays - 8 young girls volunteer.  They organise a Quiz and Wii activity in one of the area's Sheltered Complexes.

Wednesday - Arts & Crafts
A DVD of the Boomerang Boys has received You-Tube publicity. Money from the Youth Diversionary Fund will go towards another DVD where interviews with shopkeepers / Jim Smith the local Police Constable are being used.

Possible under 12's group in the Boomerang Hall in the near future. Connection with Youth Workers at DISC to promote Girl's Group.
There are 70 on the books, 20 regularly on an average week, plus the young volunteers.

Funding secure for the next three years.

A possible Easter event for young people in Baxter Park is being discussed as a project for the Young Volunteers. This will involve work taking place with the Morgan.

3.    Gabrielle Colston-Taylor - Alzheimer's Scotland:

National organisation moving to Stobswell - Maryfield Medical Centre.   The building is now transformed and the group move in next week.
Day Care for 11 people per day

Tuesday/Wednesday  evenings  -  support  to  individuals  to  give  a  break  to carers.

Carers drop in on a fortnightly basis on Mondays.

Funding an issue at present.    The building will be staffed to allow flexible approach to Carers.

Keen to move to the Stobswell community.  Service users want to be out and in Baxter Park and up and down Albert Street at the shops etc.

  •      Planned contact with GP in the areas
  •      Impact on parking in the area should not be a problem
  •      Five office based staff
  •      Possible use of arts and crafts
  •      Awareness talks about dementia to local groups on request
  •      Morgan Street gate opened for access
  •      Information library on dementia

4.    Scottish Night:

Hopefully will go ahead on the 19 November.  The 5 ticket price will hopefully fund next years Hanging Baskets.

5.    Other Business:

5.1    Bottle making pilot for Dundee was discussed following a letter from Dundee City Council.  Stuart was asked to find the appropriate person to invite to come    Action SF
to the January Open Meeting .

5.2    Community Regeneration Forum:

Ina updated on the Forum and the possibilities of grants.  Anyone interested should initially contact Hayley Tunstall at Arthurstone Library.