Stobswell Forum is a place for residents to get involved in the community. Do you have ideas for the area? Are you concerned about something in the area? Please contact the Forum or come along to one of our Open Meetings (the meeting schedule is on the Latest News Page).


Anyone living in the Stobswell Forum Area, Dundee, and over the age of 16 are invited to become a member of the Stobswell Forum.
It costs nothing to join and you could have a real influence on bringing about changes to the area for the benefit of all residents.
To become a member and receive updates and invitations to meetings and events organised by the Forum, please email us your name and contact details, or send your name and address to Stobswell Forum, Hayley Tunstall, Arthurstone Community Library, 5 Arthurstone Terrace, Dundee, DD4 6RT.   You can also sign up at one of our Committee or Forum meetings.

A bit more information

How does the Forum fit into local Community structures?   The Forum is a Neighbourhood Representative Structure (NRS), which is similar to a Community Council. The current chair is Colin Clement. The Forum has been very much involved with the regeneration that has taken place in Stobswell and continues to be a driving force in the area.


All Stobswell Forum Committee meetings are open to the public. The Forum also hosts four 'Forum" meetings per year. 'These meetings offer residents the chance to raise and discuss local issues that affect them, hear  Council or other guest speakers outline any developments relevant to the community,   and collaborate in planning a better Stobswell.

Committee Members

The Forum has 11 committee members who meet once per month.  Meetings take place at 7.00pm in Arthurstone Library at 5 Arthurstone Terrace,  Dundee DD4 6RT and are advertised on this website as well as on all local notice boards


Archive - Minutes of Meetings - 2010 - 2016

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