Baxter Park is one of Dundee's most famous parks. The park has been restored with the help of a £3.6 mill grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund after having been very much run down at the turn of the Millennium. This is now a great place to play, walk or run. There are play areas for children, and you can even get married here, in the nice Pavilion. Each year there are several fireworks and bonfires taking place in the park, such as on Hogmanay and Guy Fawkes night, and the community event Celebration in the Park takes place here in the beginning of August each year. The park received the Green Flag Award in 2009 and 2010.
There is a bowling club in the park and you can also find tennis courts. Ideas for a multi use games area have been suggested.

The park has got a Park Centre, located in an award winning, glass-walled building, which was opened after the park restoration. The centre can be hired for local events. The toilets are open to the public during day time.
If you want to have your wedding ceremony in the Pavilion, please look here for more information. A café is located in the Pavillion building and is run by the Boomerang.

“Baxter park is lovely, and there are shops, cafes and toddler groups in the area. Would be nicer if people cleaned up their dog mess and put their rubbish in the bin.”
Rachel Young, Ladywell Avenue

Friends of Baxter Park is an organisation that aims to encourage people to make more use of the park and are also doing a great job in looking after the park. So if you're into gardening, this is something for you. They meet every month and are always looking for new people to join them. Their chair is currently Irene Shearer who can be contacted at tel: 01382 862022 or by email.

The City Council's website about the park can be found here.

The "Swannie Ponds" or the Stobsmuir Ponds are located between Pitkerro Road and Clepington St/Road. This park has a little kids' play area, and it's a nice place for a stroll. Or perhaps you want to feed the swans that live here?
Sports and Exercise

Dundee International Sports Centre (D.I.S.C) is located on Mains Loan. They are open every day of the week and have lots of different activities for people of all ages and fitness levels. You can find out more on the DISC website.

Dundee's two main football teams, Dundee United and Dundee FC, both have their homes in Stobswell.

Stobswell R.F.C. is the local rugby team. They play at the McTaggart Sports Centre, Old Glamis Road.

The Boomerang has got exercise activities aimed at young mothers. This is every Monday morning. They also have exercise classes for teenagers from 13 to 16 years old on Monday evenings, and on Tuesday afternoons, they have a Tea Dance for elderly. You can find out more on the Boomerang website.

Baxter Park
The Pavilion
The Park Centre
South West Entrance
The South-West entrance
The Pavilion
The Park Centre
Swannie Ponds
Swannie Ponds
Play Area at Swannie Ponds
From the Swannie Ponds.
Play area at the Swannie Ponds.
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